Kennet Aircraft Collection (Past and Present)

Kennet’s Unique, Private Vintage Aircraft Collection

Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider

Skyraider AD-4NA, Bureau Number 126922, G-RADR, acquired in 2003, already on the UK Civil Register as G-RAID. 126922 is a veteran of the Korean War, with approximately 100 combat missions over Korea flying off the USS Princeton. She was reunited 2011 at Flying Legends with three of the squadron pilots that flew her in 1953. RADR is flying in the original colours that she wore while flying with VA-155 (Attack Squadron 155).

Westland Seafire FXVII SX336

Seafire FXVII, SX336, G-KASX, acquired in 2001 and put on the Civil Register by Kennet Aviation in 2006.

Westland Wasp HAS1 XT787

Wasp G-KAXT, one of four Wasps put on the Civil Register by Kennet Aviation, starting in 2002.

Hunting Percival P-84 Jet Provost T1

Jet Provost TMk1, G-AOBU, one of two remaining from an “experimental” 1950’s squadron designed to see if ab initio students could solo sooner starting out in a jet aircraft, as opposed to the likes of the Piston Provost. G-AOBU was acquired from the Shuttleworth Collection in 1992 and made airworthy by Kennet Aviaton. It made its first flight at Cranfield in May, 1994 at the hands of Stan Hodgkins.

Percival Piston Provost T.1 XF690

Piston Provost TMk1, G-MOOS, acquired in 1991 and operated by Kennet Aviation until 2007.